Fears can be your BFF

Fears. Everyone knows the feeling of fear. Everyone got them, some more than others. Do you face them? Do you listen to them? Ignore them? It’s just how you deal with them, and if you do it the right way: fear will become your best friend.
It isn’t only anxiety. Fear can be become in handy too because it moves you. Scared to fail for you exam? Then probably you’ll learn the whole book to not fail. Scared to feel no confidence in your bikini next summer? Then probably you’ll start exercising. BUT the other side of fear is limiting yourself. And make sure you never -ever- let that happen!
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When I was young, I was scared super often about tiny things; Scared to tell the teacher that I didn’t understood the lesson, scared that the kids would think that I’m stupid. Scared to loose my mom, because people can die.
Now I can say that I truly have almost no fears! How? Feel the fear and choose to learn from them rather to limit yourself.
So: every time when you feel a little scared: face it and go for it! And while you do it you’ll feel totally free -> and that’s a pretty damn good feeling I can tell.
While traveling in Indonesia I saw a big ass cliff to jump from, you can see it here. Honestly when I looked down I felt fear and after all that it was the reason why I wanted to jump. It feels like freedom and fully alive: THANK you fear for this lesson.
So make sure that fear NEVER EVER limits your dreams, your wants or even you. Take it as a gift and learn from it. Because only then, it becomes your best friend.
‘Feel the fear, and do it anyway’
Lots of love,

6 Reacties

    • Carmen Mattijssen
      januari 22, 2017 / 09:09

      Lief, dankjewel. 🙂

  1. januari 20, 2017 / 08:20

    Iedereen is wel eens onzeker en bang dat er dingen mislukken. Ik vind het soms moeilijk om er mee om te gaan, maar gelukkig komt alles altijd weer goed. Mooie outgit! En leuke jas heb je! Super toevallig ik heb het gisteren gefotografeerd maar dan heb ik de jas van The Sting haha.


    • Carmen Mattijssen
      januari 20, 2017 / 09:51

      Klopt! Denk dat ‘t belangrijk is dat je dingen niet laat vanwege die angst.
      Ah dankjewel, ben de laatste tijd helemaal weg van leopard.

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