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Good morning all. It’s 10 o’clock and I’m watching through the window of my appartment and all i see is a little sunshine: yes she’s back. Little things can make my day: need vitamine D! Also i’m happy because after tomorrow i’ll fly to Paris with mon cheri, haha can’t wait for itttt.

Blouse – Lollys Laudry | Jeans – Na-kd | Sneakers – Calvin Klein
Do you know that feeling: i got to do something, but i’m not in the mood to do it – and i know that i HAVE to do it? Haha it sounds weird but right now i have that kind of feeling with grocery shopping… So i’ll make myself ready and go.. grump grump
Lots of love, C.


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    • Carmen Mattijssen
      mei 11, 2017 / 20:06

      Dankjewel! <3

    • Carmen Mattijssen
      mei 11, 2017 / 20:08

      Tof, dankjewel dat gaat goed komen!

    • Carmen Mattijssen
      mei 11, 2017 / 20:10

      Thanks girl! X

  1. mei 10, 2017 / 10:28

    zo fijn is dat beetje zon hè! leuk je blouse zo. en veel plezier in paris! xx
    Laura onlangs geplaatst…ROOS OP CANVASMy Profile

    • Carmen Mattijssen
      mei 11, 2017 / 20:10

      Thanks Laura! 🙂

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