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Hi sweets! 10 days ago since i wrote my last blogpost, and that’s because of the fourth day marches which i told you about in this blogpost. I walked 4×40 KM = 160 KM in 4 days. Yes, that’s a lot and i didn’t train that much so it was challenging for me.

The first day was easy, one big party and so much people that support you along the way. The days after were also a big party and much support but i did get a lot of blisters and went through pain. Me and my two friends sang, clapped, screamed and had a lot of fun: because of those parts you forget your pain. 
Now i’m happy that’s it’s over, we had a good time but my feet just need days off. Also a pedicure is much needed! Thank you to all the friends + family that we’re there for us, happy with all the support that we’ve got.

Sometimes it’s so good to challenge yourself to do something completely outside your comfort zone, and feel that you can do it!

hat – ZARA | earrings – H&M | tee* – MYJEWELLERY | dungaree – ASOS | boots* – BRONX


Made these pictures yesterday with the boyfriend, so happy that i still could stand (walking wasn’t that easy, haha). I hope that the coming weeks my feet will hurt less – and less. Now i’m enjoying all the flowers in my apartment that i got at the finish from the sweetest (check Insta stories to see them)! I’m also going to read a bit of #girlboss today, so curious about this book.

Would love to hear your opinion about this book if you’ve read it.

Lots of love sprinkles,

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    • Carmen Mattijssen
      juli 28, 2017 / 09:40

      Merci Rachel! 🙂

    • Carmen Mattijssen
      juli 25, 2017 / 10:41

      Lief! X

    • Carmen Mattijssen
      juli 23, 2017 / 15:50

      Thank you Areli! 🙂

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