Good morning rebel ! The last year I’m more and more doing my own thing and not really listening to others. I trust myself for making the right decisions to make me happy. I stand up for my own rights and let people hear my voice. I do things that scare… Bekijk bericht

FRIDAY is here, yesss: almost weekend! This week was busy but fun: shoot  four outfits, had a lunch, went to 50 shades of Grey (LOVED it!) & had a lot of mailcontact with compagnies (fun collabs are coming). This weekend I want to go to a art gallery here in Arnhem, shoot more… Bekijk bericht

Good morning Saturday! Week is over, weekend is here: YAY for that. Last week I’ve got this watch by mail and from the moment I saw it I felt in LOVE. Rose gold details are on, baby. Also: Currently obsessed with this blouse.  Chique + edgy, love this vibe. Watch* – click! | Blouse – Zara… Bekijk bericht

Good morning dreamreacher, good morning Thurday! Today I want to introduce you to the best bomber jacket in the world, yes that faux fur from Tuesday was lovely but this one has it A-L-L. As well I want to give you an advise about reaching your goals, because that’s exactly what turns me on these days. Make sure… Bekijk bericht

Hello Thursday! I’m sorry but you are freaking cold and it hurt to make pictures outside on days like you. But I do it, do it for the love. And as you can see I’ve a red nose, but that’s okay because it matches my cool pants! When I was younger… Bekijk bericht

Good morning you’all! The song that inspired me today is maybe not a new one to you, but to me it’s brand new because I just found out. It really tells my feelings at the moment. It’s from Tori Kelly and I think she is an amazing singer. In my… Bekijk bericht

Good morning lazy Sunday! Normally I never wear all black because it sounds boring and a little to dark to me. BUT sometimes you want to try new things out and that’s todays look with this raincoat (which I needed because the last days it was so rainy in here).… Bekijk bericht

Good morning you all! Today I’ll introduce you to my pompom sweater, isn’t she lovely? Paired with a flared jeans and heels gives a chique and playful look which I love (what do I not love clothes wise?). And yes, this Tweety bag brings humor in it and reminds me… Bekijk bericht

Good, fresh morning babes! It was early today: alarm on 7 AM. I’m doing an experiment this month -> working-out an half hour for six mornings on a weekly base to see what it does. Expecting that I’ll have more and more energy, but I’ll let you know this next month.… Bekijk bericht

Good morning Wednesday! This post is inspired by the song: ‘Scars to your beautiful’ from Alessia Cara. This is my favorite song at the moment and I can listen to it all day long. I love the meaning of it: YOU (yes, you!) are beautiful no matter how you look or what your size/… Bekijk bericht