Hi loves! This car is the coolest you’ve ever seen, i promise. And yes – I’m wearing this tee again, it’s a favorite at the moment. Yesterday i saw my sister + her boyfriend again after 8 months because they lived in New Zealand for 1,5 year. Now they are finally… Bekijk bericht

Hi there lovers! Got the best analoge camera ever and i’m so happy with it. I’ll show you the pictures later in a blogpost/ review so stay tuned if you want to know everything about it. My look for today is a comfy and cute one, can’t get over this skirt. Love… Bekijk bericht

Hi Saturday! It feels like morning since i had my nightshift at work and just woke up. I’m obsessed with stripes lately so i thought i needed this pants in my life, yas! Also i’m wearing my new vintage bag which i shopped by United Wardrobe , makes my life better.… Bekijk bericht

Hi loves! Today i’m showing you yesterday’s look including some new items of this month: my dotted dress, a vintage bag and my dr. Martens (so much LOVE for these). The dress is the cutest and that’s why i wear it with some cool stuff: love to searching for contrast… Bekijk bericht

Good morning from above! How are you today? Eating an avocado? I found this Tee last week in Monki and i decided that i needed it. I can’t find it online, so i don’t have a link for ya -> i’m sorry! My second obsession this week is analoge photography which… Bekijk bericht

Hi there, good morning another sunny day! Today I’m wearing my new skort today (yes, skort!) and it’s ideal because you can bicycle in it and you still look cute. What do you think? Yesterday I did an big declutter challenge at home and i have so much stuff to sell so i think i’ll make… Bekijk bericht

Hi loves! Today it’s still weekend and that means FOOD so me and my boyfriend went to a food truck festival which was really fun. We also went to Ikea, and of course we ate something in between shopping. Today i also went to my dad because here in the… Bekijk bericht

Good morning! Yesterday’s shots is todays outfit post, such a funny story behind these pictures. This location is super close to my home and they are building a brand new way right now. I thought it was a fun location to shoot so my friend and i walked a little… Bekijk bericht

Morning loves! These funky earrings reminds me of my youth: like the crazy pink hoops which wore my fave when i was 13 years old. Do you remember? Right now in the stores i see these crazy earrings (stars, hearts, neon colors) and i LOVE it again. What do you think? Tee +… Bekijk bericht

Dear reader, this letter is for you. Do you know: life isn’t perfect. Never. It will never ever become perfect. And you know: that’s the best thing because that’s what life is all about. To learn from yourself and others, as much as you can. To handle the difficult situaties,… Bekijk bericht

Hot town, summer in the city! Today i did an 30 KM walk which i started at 7:30 AM this morning, after it i bought myself an iced coffee: mucho needed. If you missed it, i’m training for the Four Days Marches in July this year -which means 4×40 KM.… Bekijk bericht

Hi there FRIDAY! Yesterday was a pretty good day: shooting (yes, these pictures), had a lunch with my girls, chilled with my mom and in the evening i went to a terrace with a friend of mine, drinking coffee and wine (pretty good combo, haha). Also: the weather was SO damn… Bekijk bericht