Y to the E to the S: it’s weekend! I wore this lilac mesh top last Saturday and I’m loving it: lilac is such an happy Spring color. And yes, it isn’t Spring at the moment but it will come – soon! This weekend is kind of a bizzy one: seeing friends,… Bekijk bericht

Powerful woman. I’m a feminist and I believe that every woman has the power to become who she want to become. And yes of course we have -sadly- more possibilities than really poor countries. I believe that we all can become a powerful woman.   superwomannoun [ C ] UK ​ /ˈsuː.pəˌwʊm.ən/  US ​ /ˈsuː.pɚˌwʊm.ən/  plural -women UK ​/-wɪmɪn/  US ​… Bekijk bericht

Good afternoon Tuesday, hello rainbow top! The last days it’s sunnier and it makes me happy, also my energy level is higher than a week ago. And the fact that the evenings are longer is a good thing for me as well. Spring is coming! I shot these pictures last weekend with the… Bekijk bericht

Good morning Thursday! How are you today? The last days it’s SO rainy out here and I can’t wait for Spring to come. Silver sneakers, floral jacket: I’m ready for some sun! Metallic shoes is such a huge trend right now and I was looking for a good pair of… Bekijk bericht

On Wednesdays we wear pink and on Thursday it’s a suit right? I don’t really wear them normally but if I should, this is the way. Paired with my beloved Nike Air Force 1 : sporty & chique! These pictures are taken by Lois in the central station of Arnhem,… Bekijk bericht

Good morning rebel ! The last year I’m more and more doing my own thing and not really listening to others. I trust myself for making the right decisions to make me happy. I stand up for my own rights and let people hear my voice. I do things that scare… Bekijk bericht

FRIDAY is here, yesss: almost weekend! This week was busy but fun: shoot  four outfits, had a lunch, went to 50 shades of Grey (LOVED it!) & had a lot of mailcontact with compagnies (fun collabs are coming). This weekend I want to go to a art gallery here in Arnhem, shoot more… Bekijk bericht

Good morning Saturday! Week is over, weekend is here: YAY for that. Last week I’ve got this watch by mail and from the moment I saw it I felt in LOVE. Rose gold details are on, baby. Also: Currently obsessed with this blouse.  Chique + edgy, love this vibe. Watch* – click! | Blouse – Zara… Bekijk bericht

Good morning dreamreacher, good morning Thurday! Today I want to introduce you to the best bomber jacket in the world, yes that faux fur from Tuesday was lovely but this one has it A-L-L. As well I want to give you an advise about reaching your goals, because that’s exactly what turns me on these days. Make sure… Bekijk bericht