As you are following me you might know that i love those little love things. To help a old woman packing her groceries, to stand up while you see someone bulling others or write small letters to your best friend, letting her know that you are grateful with a friend… Bekijk bericht

Hi there Friday! I already miss Paris, sounds strange but i’m in LOVE with that city: could live there. I’m a dreamer and i want to learn and to see as much as possible in life. I wouldn’t mind to live in different city’s and different countries because there is… Bekijk bericht

Last weekend I was in Paris with le boyfriend and sadly we’re back in the Netherlands now. It was the first time in Paris for me and definitely not the last time because i LOVED it. The buildings, the atmosphere in the city and of course the Eiffel tower. I didn’t… Bekijk bericht

Morning guys. In a hour I’ll fly to Paris, yeas, so excited. Hopefully the weather will be okay because when i checked the weather yesterday i saw a lot of rain -meh. Also: yesterday i reached the 10K followers on Instagram – YAY thank you so much for following me (if… Bekijk bericht

Good morning all. It’s 10 o’clock and I’m watching through the window of my appartment and all i see is a little sunshine: yes she’s back. Little things can make my day: need vitamine D! Also i’m happy because after tomorrow i’ll fly to Paris with mon cheri, haha can’t wait for… Bekijk bericht

Good morning, or ah it’s already afternoon. Yes, i’m still sitting in my pyjama’s so it still feels like it’s morning. Really loooove those long & slow mornings: when you don’t need to do anything. Today i’m wearing comfy pieces, because what else on Sundays?   Jacket – Shein | Sweater –… Bekijk bericht

Good morning sweets! Friday is here, for me it feels like this week flying by like crazy. Yesterday I went to Amsterdam, i had a treatment* at Mrs. Highbrow (first browbar in the Netherlands -> check Instastories to see the result). Super happy with the result since i never do something special with my brows,… Bekijk bericht

Good morning Monday! A new fresh start this Monday because May has started: YAY. Right now it doesn’t seem like Spring is really started (because of the rainy and cold weather) but i hope this month will be full of Spring. New chances this month, new goals and new energy. My… Bekijk bericht

Hi loves, it’s finally Saturday! And today I’m casually wearing my new Levi’s, what do you think of this look? This week was so hectic and then Thursday it was Kingsday here in the Netherlands, so parties everywhere. It was fun don’t get me wrong but the next day i… Bekijk bericht

Good morning y’all! Hope you had a good weekend and a productive Monday yesterday. I had because I did an 30 KM walk yesterday (and that’s 6 hours of walking -> crazy). Now my legs are hurting like a mthrfckr, but now i’m closer to the goal of walking 40… Bekijk bericht

Good morning girls (and gents)! I’m waking up in a clean an organized home -doesn’t happen that often. I’m really chaotic and always bizzy: when i need an outfit it ends up with clothes everywhere. I’ve set up a rule for myself and that’s to clean everyday for 30 minutes,… Bekijk bericht

Good morning Wednesday! It feels like Tuesday because of Easter, do you have the same? Today I’m wearing the cutest dress ever: the cute daisy pattern, the ruffles – i’m loving it. Also: today is the day that i’m together with my BF for three years now! We aren’t celebrating… Bekijk bericht

Good morning girls! Today I need some grl pwr because I need to walk 20 km right NOW. Why? Because this summer I’ll rock the the four day march -> that’s 4 x 40 KM. Oh gosh, so much training to do haha – but i’ll get there! And after this it’s easter… Bekijk bericht